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I am Willie Dokter born in Epe on the Veluwe. Where peace and space is and where you can spent hours of cycling without any traffic lights. Cycling is in addition to the budgerigars my other hobby. After exercise it is great to be with the birds, and during cycling I'm also thinking often of the birds.


I started for the 2nd time with budgerigars. The 1st time was when I was 16 years, but when I started my own company in 19__, I had to stop unfortunally.

Before I started again i n 2004, I first visited many breeders in The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. That is why I started with birds from those countries. What strucked me during my 2nd start was that the birds were flying badly and mostly were sitting on the ground.


When I visited Reinhart Molkentin, I was pleasantly surprised that all the birds could fly well and were also complete in feathering.

Then I visited D. Lütolf and K. Vogt in Switzerland. At Daniel Lütolf I saw the most beautiful birds of my life in a quality that I never had seen anywhere else before.

At that time I thought , would I ever be able to breed such birds. I think I did, because even Daniel is breeding now succesful with some of my birds.

My stud therefore is based most part from birds of Daniel Lütolf. Now I almost only breed W. D. X W. D. or D. L. X W. D.

What I like specially in the hobby are the international contacts, the breeding itself and also visits to breeders like Mike Ball , who is the best in UK in my opinion.


Watch Willie Dokter Budgerigars 2013 on YouTube.